An experienced partner
on your education journey

An experienced partner on your education journey

Finding the right school for your young student can be overwhelming — and the application process intimidating. With Mindful Education Consulting on your side, they don’t have to be.

Founder Christy Haven spent 15 years leading admissions departments at a variety of independent schools, making her uniquely qualified to help families and students achieve their educational goals.

The Mindful Education Consulting process

All families, students and schools are different, and finding the right fit for each situation requires careful consideration. We have distinct approaches for preschool/pre-K, K-5 and middle/high school; with each, we get to know your family and your student so we can illustrate your options and the best path ahead.

About Christy Haven, founder and owner

Experience. Expertise. Mindfulness. All three of these qualities inform Christy Haven’s approach as she guides families and students through the education decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. And with a master’s degree in counseling, she understands that managing stress is a vital part of the process, too. 

Start your journey today with a free consultation

Before we find the right fit for your student’s education, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit for each other. First, we discuss your needs, your goals and your comfort level with the independent- and private-school ecosystem. Whether you’re new to this process or you simply want an easier way, we can help.

What others say about Mindful Education Consulting

As a parent and educator, I am very aware of how stressful education decisions can be for families, and I highly recommend Christy Haven to anyone navigating this complex world. In addition to her extensive knowledge of area schools, her calm and caring demeanor helps decrease anxiety as families strive to find the right fit for their children.

I’ve worked professionally with Christy for years — but she was a life-saver when my own children were going through the application process as well. Her expertise, combined with timely communication and follow-through, allowed our family to make informed and mindful choices while still keeping our sanity. I know she can do the same for your family.

— Sarina Behar Natkin, LICSW,

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