High School Sophomore

Applying to college isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago. The sad reality is that most people are stuck in the past, with their old ways, not realising how rapidly the college system and process are changing in today’s world. It can seem like you’re drowning in an overload of information and mindless advice, and it’s easy to lose your sense of purpose when trying to navigate it all by yourself. However, the main reason I was able to stay focused and continued to work towards my passions is working with Minakshi. The first major obstacle that any student faces before crossing the finish line of high school is figuring out which college they want to go to. Or put in more straightforward terms, what direction they want their lives to go in. This is an especially daunting task, for any teenager, something that most either can’t fathom or are completely unaware of. Working with Minakshi has probably changed the entire course of not only which direction my college major is going on, but also any future career of mine. Unlike the (many) other counsellors I’ve met, she’s the first that takes a genuine interest in her students and goes to the depth of asking questions that no one would have thought of. During my time with her, I contemplated everything, my application, my essays, even my major; and if I didn’t, I might’ve gone down an entirely different path. What most people don’t realise is that the core of any application, before you even begin, is figuring out yourself. Figuring out what you want to do before you parade yourself in front of colleges, and Minakshi pulled out the best in me, showing me the reality of what colleges of today want. I was able to write essays and think of ideas that would have never struck me before. Working with her was an eye-opener. She’s confident, straightforward, and extremely analytical about her methods. With years of experience working with one of the most successful companies in the world, her approach to anything is extremely logical and sharp. The best part about her work is the way she can recognize the strengths and weaknesses in anyone, through just one conversation. She helped me, and many others, harness our strong qualities and hone them further, and work on our weak ones. No matter who you are, what your grades might be, what your interest is, or even if you’re completely lost, one thing that I can assure you about is the fact that once you start working with Minakshi, you’ll gain immense confidence and clarity in just one session. She’s someone that will go beyond what any regular counsellor does, to ensure that you’re successful in all parts of your life. She’s someone that realizes that you must be a whole person – with interests, passions, hobbies, curiosity and burning ambition for success, to become someone any college would accept within a heartbeat. Most importantly, she’s someone who can recognize the uniqueness and individual strengths of each person, and fine-tune them to go from good to great