Preschool-12th Grade

Finding the right fit requires the right process from school through college

A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t fit when you’re seeking the best education options for your student; the family of a preschool-aged child, for example, will have very different concerns than parents who are helping their student prepare for high school.  A child who needs accommodations might need a different school or college than a child who doesn't.  It's all about the "right fit" for the child.

For all age groups, the Mindful Education Consulting process meets families where they are, providing as much education and support as needed from evaluation to application. We begin with a questionnaire designed to help us learn about you, your student and your goals. From there, we follow a more tailored approach to better fit your specific situation.


Because children at this stage still are very young, learning styles and other characteristics often are not yet apparent — so our approach focuses largely on parents and families. We discuss what kind of learning environment you want for your child, such as play-based, academic-focused, Montessori, Regio Emelia, or Waldorf, along with issues such as location, diversity and more. Then, we’ll help with every step of your application.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

As students grow, we’re able to understand more about their specific attributes. Our K-5 process brings them into the fold with more detailed questions about how they learn, play and function around others — as well as a review of progress reports and/or grades. And because a child at this level typically spends 5-6 years at one school, making friends and long-lasting connections, community becomes an even more important consideration for both families and students. When a school is selected, we’ll assist with the application itself and help parents prepare for admissions interviews.

Middle and High School

This approach focuses heavily on students, as their learning styles and specific skills and desires are now more established. Our questionnaire includes items for students themselves to answer along with parents, and we meet with everyone involved to explore interests and priorities such as sports, academics and social environments. Because the admissions process is more rigorous at this level, our support becomes more intensive as well: We help students craft application essays and prepare for interviews, and also offer referrals to trusted providers for test preparation.