College Admissions

We provide holistic, personalized, and compassionate guidance throughout the college admissions process.


We employ proven systems and tools to assist students in identifying their values, strengths, interests, and goals. Our services guide them in creating a list of colleges across the US, UK, France, and Switzerland that align with their criteria, ensuring they can present their true selves in a manner that resonates with admissions officers.

In addition to helping students find their ikigai, we conduct thorough 360 interviews with teachers, coaches, family, and friends to evaluate students’ academic, leadership, and social strengths. This holistic assessment extends beyond the classroom to extracurricular activities, ensuring we understand and highlight each student’s character and unique talents in their applications.

Leveraging a college fit algorithm and student-completed surveys, we compile a balanced list of colleges that promises an environment conducive to growth and fulfillment. Our evidence and data-driven approach ensures that students will be content with any institution on their personalized list, aligning with their ikigai and aspirations.